Bake, broil, barbecue, roast, grill, steam, sear, and air-fry all
in one convenient appliance thanks to the unique Triple Combo
Cooking Power of the NuWave Oven. Cook up to 50% faster
while using 85% less energy.

Get precise temperature control with the simple press of a button
thanks to the NuWave PIC. This all-in-one cooking solution makes
cooking faster, safer and more eco-friendly thanks to
state-of-the-art technology.

Seal in the flavor and lock in the freshness with the complete
NuWave Flavor-Lockers Vacuum Storage System. Keep food
fresh up to 21 days with this versatile, durable and
portable system.

Cook healthier and tastier foods with NuWave DuralonTM 2
Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware. This oven-safe, induction-ready
cookware comes in an array of sizes, perfect for virtually
any cooking task.